Nothing new to report. In fact, I’ve stopped logging into all the accounts.

Oh…I do have a funny story! I created an Ashley Madison account and since I’m a dumb dumb, I didn’t read the directions and chose ‘attached  male seeking female’ – hahahahaha – I couldn’t change it back and tried to delete the profile since you don’t have an option to change it from male to female but it didn’t work so now I’m getting emails from women…it’s hilarious but pathetic at the same time. I didn’t finish the profile so all my profile has is my age, weight (80 lbs), body type (curvy and something), race, and that’s it. That’s all I have yet I’m getting bombarded by females! WTH! Can we say desperate!! Why would you email someone who hasn’t completed his profile. Within 10 minutes of me creating that profile, I had emails from women. I haven’t logged back in but should because I got some racy pics from a couple of guys (would like to see them on monitor instead phone! LOL).

Maybe I’ll have a hot affair from a guy from Ashley Madison!


Search Continued

I decided to change my seekingarrangement.com profile. After poof/fraud guy, I was really angry and changed my profile which it a really angry tone. I decided to change it back a couple of days ago.  I have only received one email after changing it. It came from a doctor in England who travels often. He has a pic in which he has blacked out his eyes and it’s a bit blurry but I swear it looks like a client. Can you imagine if I meet him and it turns out to be my client? I would die!

Anyway, he hasn’t responded to my response. In fact, no one has responded to any of my emails.  My profile has been viewed 600 times and nothing 😦 The other sites don’t have guys in the area and the ones that are in the area, haven’t logged on for months. I’m really considering match.com.